The activities of Medipharm CZ are directed in application of the modern biotechnological processes both in agriculture, food processing industry
and in the sphere of humane and veterinary medicine.

Medipharm CZ together with the mother company Medipharm AB in Sweden and its other subsidiaries, Medipharm USA and Medipharm Hungary has a leading position among the world producers of the new biopreparates with the distribution nets in Scandinavia, countries of the European Economic Community, Central Europe and the USA.

The basic targets of Medipharm CZ are orientated not only in developing
the rentability of the agriculture manufacture but consequently in significant improvement of the quality and biological value of the final products - food.
The effectivity of probiotics is based on application of the natural bioregulative systems for the human food-chain protection and preventing the nature ecosystems from pollution.

Many university institutes in Sweden, the USA, Germany, Austria, the Great Britain and Finland have greatly participated in the development and testing the effectivity of probiotics produced by Medipharm CZ.
The progressive manufacture technologies guarantee Medipharm CZ being advanced in quality of probiotics in compare with other producers and this is essential for the commercial use in many other cohering areas.

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